This company is offering better tariff plans ṭhan Jio!


Just after the announcement of Jio Prime membership, every other telecom operators started launching exclusive plans at a low price which looks very similar regarding data, price and validity. After Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL, this time Aircel did the same. The company launched Aircel New 3G Plans 2017. Aircel started offering 36 GB of 3G data at a very cheap price tag of Rs 999 for the whole year.
Not only this plan, but Aircel has also launched some other tariff plans where they are offering unlimited on-net voice calling facility and bundled data at very cheap rate. In sum, they have launched total 6 Aircel new plans to grow their customer after the launch of Reliance Jio Prime membership.

With these new plans, Aircel has given a lot of extra facilities to their customers compared to other operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL who have also launched this type of tariff plans. If you look at Airtel, they are offering 10 GB of 3G or 4G data for one year at Rs 1499 for one year which is far lower than Aircel Rs 999 plan. Plus they are offering 3G/4G data. That means 3G users can also take advantage of this plan. Then if you look at Vodafone, they have also launched Rs 999 plan, but there you will get only 10GB data which is more than three times lower than Aircel 999 plan.

Aircel New 3G Plans 2017

In Rs 35 Plan, you will get the high speed of 3G data with 3 days of validity.
Aircel Rs 64 Plan offers 1 GB of 3G data for 7 days at a cheap rate of Rs 64 only.
Rs 999 Plan provides you 36 GB of high-speed 3G data for 1 year at Rs 999.
That means you are getting 3 GB of high-speed 3G data per month for one year at Rs 999 only. This is a yearly plan. You have to pay only one time for the whole year.

However, this is not a good way to beat Jio prime, because where Jio is offering 1 GB data per day, Aircel is giving only 3GB 3G data per month. So, Aircel users still have to wait for another Aircel plan which will be similar to Jio prime plans.

New Aircel Tariff Plans With Unlimited Calling Facility

Now let’s look at other three new Airtel tariff plans which are also released recently. These three plans are FRC82, FRC191 and FRC291. These three plans are mainly launched only for Karnataka circle. Though, other circle users can make a call to the customer care if it’s also available in their circle.

With all of these three Aircel New 3G Plans, users will be able to enjoy unlimited A to A local + STD calling minutes, 3G internet data and free incoming calls when in roaming.

291 Plan Details: – Under this aircel tariff plan, users will get unlimited A to A local + STD calling minutes, 1800 minutes on other operators (Local + STD). Along with these, users will also get 5 GB of high-speed 3G data in this plan.

191 Plan Description: – Customers will get unlimited local + STD A to A calling minutes, 900 minutes calling to other networks (Local + STD) and 2 GB of 3G internet data.

82 Plan Benefits: – This exclusive plan for new users who wants to pay the lowest charge and want to enjoy calling + data benefits. Under this plan, Aircel is offering 10 paisa per minute local on net voice calling and 25 paisa per minute on other networks. Plus users will get extra 200 MB 3G data + free incoming calls during roaming. And all these benefits comes with the validity period of 28 days. So, it’s a very attractive plan for new Aircel customers.

Hope this article has explained everything behind these 6 Aircel New 3G Plans and Offers 2017. If you still have any query about these tariff plans, you can leave a comment below.

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